A Guide to Creating Professional-looking Documentation

 Businesses can benefit by producing professional-looking documents. With such a variety of printers available today, it can be difficult to make the right choice to meet all your business needs.

A wide range of cost-effective Samsung printers are equipped with technology that provides high image quality. This technology also automatically makes sure that the images devices process are clear and blur-free. Read on to learn more about how a selection of Samsung printers let you access high-quality printing without placing an excessively heavy burden on your office hardware budget.


Introducing ReCP

It is hard to maintain a professional image if your printers produce blurry pictures and hard-to-read text. That is why Samsung developed Rendering Engine for Clean Pages (ReCP) technology.

ReCP allows printers to automatically boost the print quality, analyzing input images and applying smart adjustments. Documents become more readable, thin lines are enhanced and negative text edges are sharpened. What is more, ReCP makes hard-to-scan, smaller text types look sharp with automatic edge resolution enhancement.

This technology automatically prevents small text from cracking, so your entire document will be legible. The de-screening technology reduces unwanted patterns and stripes from appearing in printouts.


Looking Sharp!

ReCP filters automatically analyze your images and graphics, and smoothen or sharpen them when needed – letting you produce high-quality printouts without having to measure images, or spend time adjusting the printer or PC settings.

In the case of devices fitted with scanning hardware, like the Xpress SL-C480FW, ReCP technology lets you reduce file sizes without sacrificing quality. This is important to businesses, because you can create smaller files using PDF compression. These files are easier to send by email or share on the cloud.


Diverse Range

A wide range of cost-effective Samsung devices feature ReCP technology. These include ultra-compact, monochrome laser devices like the Xpress SL-M2020W, other affordable mono devices like the Xpress SL-M2835DW and the Xpress SL-M2070FW, as well as color printers, such as the ProXpress SL-C4010ND and Xpress SL-C480FW.

For multi-function devices (such as the Xpress SL-M2070FW), the technology also helps you improve your scanning, faxing and copying operations. If you are scanning pages from a book, for example, ReCP can automatically crop boundaries, separate left pages from right and correct page shadow and perspective issues – creating clear, clean scans. The images you scan and send to partners, clients and customers on cloud platforms (or by fax) stay clear, clean and readable.

The Xpress SL-M2020W, Xpress SL-M2835DW, Xpress SL-M2070FW, ProXpress SL-C4010ND and Xpress SL-C480FW also feature powerful CPU processing units, which help them deal with demanding image-processing tasks. The Xpress SL-M2020W’s advanced 400 MHz Cortex-A5 core processor and 64 MB4/8 MB5 memory allows for high-speed printing and image processing. The Xpress SL-M2835DW and SL-Xpress SL-M2070FW, are fitted with 600 MHz Cortex-A5 core processors and 128 MB memory, offering even higher image processing speeds.

For color print users, the Xpress SL-C480FW’s advanced 800 MHz CPU and Smart Color Management System technology produce clear, clean color prints. The ProXpress SL-C4010ND, features an advanced Dual CPU, for high print speeds of up to 40 pages per minute – helping to save you time when dealing with graphically demanding images.


Quality Control

No matter if you print in black-and-white or color, image quality is becoming increasingly important. People will naturally take your company and products more seriously if your printed documents look pristine.

If you are submitting a sales pitch or producing marketing materials for a client, you will want to provide printouts that are clear and legible.

Fortunately, with these five affordable Samsung devices, all fitted with ReCP technology and advanced CPUs, you can access high-quality image quality virtually every time you press “print.”


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