Powerful Performance and Lower TCO: Meet the New ProXpress M4560FX

 As small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow, it is only natural that they deal with increasing quantities of data and documentation. In many cases, business owners feel the need to invest in office devices that can handle larger workflows. Many choose to buy multi-function printers (MFPs) to help them process heavy volumes of both copies and scans.

However, for many SMBs, it is important to strike a balance when upgrading their printing environment. Manufacturers thus need to create hardware that meets SMBs’ high standards of affordability, productivity and quality.

To this end, Samsung Printing has recently developed new A4 monochrome MFPs – the ProXpress M4560FX and M4562FX.*Optimized for SMB users, the devices blend budget-friendly consumables consumption with high-powered processing.


Lowering Total Cost of Ownership

As most smart SMB owners will attest, initial cost is only one aspect of the greater Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) picture. Consumables like toner and printing drums can ratchet up a device’s TCO, turning even the deftest of devices into a costly drain on your company’s annual budget.

The latest ProXpress MFP offerings, however, are designed to get more out of consumables, reducing overheads and saving time.

Capable of printing 40,000 pages per toner cartridge and 100,000 pages per drum, these new MFPs help cut consumables spending and ensure cost-effective resource usage. Furthermore, higher yields mean employees and IT admins can spend less of their working days replacing and ordering new consumables – and more time working on more productive tasks.


Productivity Boost

Power and speed are two other important concerns for SMBs considering investing in new office hardware. ProXpressM4560FX is up to the challenges of modern business. Thanks to its upgraded 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, it is capable of processing complex graphic-heavy documents. Printing of up to 45ppm is one of this device’s fortes.

Scanning is another of the M4560FX’s strong suits. The device reduces downtime when scanning heavy volumes with its Dual Scan Document Feeder. The feeder offers ultra-high duplex scanning speeds of up to 40 single-sided images per minute (ipm).

And while many MFPs use Reverse Scan technology to scan each side of a double-sided document separately, the M4560FX operates a more efficient Dual Scan system. This allows it to scan both sides of a document at once, achieving speeds of up to 60 double-sided ipm.


Tailored to Your Business Needs

Not only is the ProXpress M4560FX an exceptional performer, but it is also customizable and user-friendly – thanks to its Smart UX Center interface. This Android-powered Smart UX is as intuitive to use as a tablet PC or smartphone and allows users to download a range of free and paid apps and widgets from Samsung’s Printing App Center 2.0.

What is more, the device operates on the eXtensible Open Architecture Embedded (XOA-E) platform, which allows you to download solutions like Samsung’s Business Core suite without installing an extra server. With XOA embedded M4560FX, SMBs can enjoy the benefits of printing solutions with minimum investment.

Indeed, the Smart UX Center allows users to download powerful troubleshooting apps like RemoteCall and RemoteView. These apps let users communicate directly with printing service providers who can remotely connect with devices, making speedy diagnoses and providing troubleshooting tips. While the former exclusively works with PCs, the latter can be accessed from any web-based platform, including mobile or remote PCs. And while RemoteCall requires you to provide service engineers with OTP every time the engineer tries to access your MFP, RemoteView allows service providers to always keep an eye on your fleet (subject to a single agreement in the initial registration process).


Equipped for the Future

David SW Song, Samsung Printing’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says, “The new ProXpress M4560FX is an excellent choice for businesses who want to reduce printing costs without jeopardizing productivity or quality.”

Indeed, as industries across the board become more competitive, they need office solutions that not only perform well and consume fewer resources, but also allow them to customize and foster a more efficient printing environment. With devices like the ProXpress M4560FX and M4562FX, SMBs can head into 2018 equipped with hardware that can provide all of the above.


*The features and technical specs of the ProXpress M4560FX and M4562FX are identical. The M4562FX is slightly larger in size and is only available in Latin America.

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